A much more accurate and realistic

These photomontages are hous under a file, usually from adobe photoshop and allow us to place our designs in a certain environment. We will be able to assess “how they work” or how they look in a particular context. At the same time, thanks to them, we will also be able to study the capacity of our proposal and the client will be able to obtain vision of it. White smiley t-shirt mockup what should i take into account when choosing a mockup? Remember, it is important that we choose a mockup that looks professional. I also like to choose the ones that are mostly bright and don’t have a lot of color.

A preference for looking

I usually select them like this for two reasons. The first is that light images are likely to evoke more positive feelings than dark images. And, on the other hand, if the mockup has little color,going to include in my proposal. Always keep in mind the Luxembourg B2B List color palette of your project to present to assess whether the photomontage can combine harmoniously with the proposal. If it contrasts too much, we can achieve the opposite effect and distract or confuse the client. Try to choose images that are visually attractive, but that are coherent with the graphic proposal that we want to present.

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Where can i find mockups

Keep an eye on free mockups, because they are available to everyone. You may not be too original if you submit your work under one of them. If you want your work to stand out, perhaps you could consider investing a little and purchasing a paid B2B Lead mockup package. Below i leave you some pages where you can find them of quality. Today the internet, as on so many other occasions, it is our great ally when it comes to finding resources. It should be not that on the web we can find free mockups and paid mockups. If you have for a free mockup, there are many web pages that have a very wide variety.

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