If we want to present a new brand

When designing a logo, it must be simple, original, representative, scalable, memorable, durable and relevant. Please avoid using long text and definitions on this slide to fool the client. We don’t want to burn you out from the start, if you see a lot of text, you’re likely to skip to the next slide without reading the content. 3. The current state of the customer’s identity, we first ne to reveal the current state. Show customers who they are when they show up. This will help us define the problem, what is missing from your logo, and what nes to be fix. If you think its visual identity is under develop, don’t be shy, highlighting how poorly manag its visual identity is.

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For example, research if the name is written in multiple fonts, if the color palette does not match, if there is a bad application, if the current logo does not scale properly and is not readable in small formats, etc. Through this section, we hope clients Bulk SMS Israel can experience the real issues and limitations of their current logo. IV. Goals and Strategies It clarifies again the goals to be achiev by the proposal and the strategies to be follow in finding solutions. Objectives must be made clear at the first stage of the interview, where you sit down with the client and are able to prepare a clear brief about their nes.

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Use this section to tell the client

How you approach the problem of designing a logo. For example, you can establish nuances of personality so clients can better understand what to include in your presentation. In order to showcase a brand, you have to reflect what the final logo level, which audience we want to reach, etc. Thanks to this section, we will show our clients that B2B Lead everything we show in our presentations is not random, but deliberate and hard-working. It’s all part of the strategy we have in place. After this, the client will be ready to present your proposal to you. Hopefully we were able to create a more critical and objective scenario in your mind.

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