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The factors the company chose to use as the program were customer retention and new user acquisition. Once these goals, plans, and metrics are established, leadership explains why the goals, plans, and metrics it outlines make sense. If you follow the process I just mapped out you can see theory of change in action. It starts with an overall goal and works its way down to specific initiatives and ways to measure their effectiveness. The Policy Planning Model is a process designed to reduce friction and inefficiencies by promoting active and open communication across the organization. In this model everyone

Within the organization

Regardless of department or seniority) understands the company’s Algeria Mobile Database goals. The philosophy behind policy planning is that good communication can create cohesion but it requires more than leadership contributions. The model requires that results at all levels be shared with management. The ideal outcome set by this model is also in part the Commission’s vision. Policy planning involves management listening to and considering subordinates’ feedback to come up with reasonable, realistic and mutually understandable goals. Strategic Planning Model Guideline Planning Image Source The model is usually divided into seven steps.

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Vision Establishment

Breakthrough Goal Development Annual Goal Deployment Annual  B2B Lead Goal Implementation Annual Goal Monthly and Quarterly Review Annual Review. NOTE: The first three steps are called procedures. This is where company leadership sets goals and develops strategic plans to send feedback and new ideas down the food chain. This stage is the real difference between policy planning and other models. Policy Plan Example For this example let’s imagine a company that manufactures commercial screen printing machines. The company had found success with a small retail printing business but realized that selling almost exclusively to this market would not lead to long-term, sustainable growth.

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