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Although they have similarities, these 3 techniques differ in how the creation of the letters is conceiv and approach. We call the author of the typography a typographer. As with shapes, colors or images, fonts can also evoke concepts or emotions. This is call typographic psychology or typography personality. The typographic personality can help us transmit even more with the visual identity of the brand. For example, if we want the company to appear modern and close, we can resort to a sans-serif font. If perhaps we prefer it more traditional and serious, a serif typeface could be a better option.

Sans Serif fonts are often associat with commercial

Font Types Without delving too deeply into each category of fonts, The truth is that we can classify fonts by their morphology into 4 large groups: With serif (Roman) Without serif (serif) Italics (handwritten) Decorative (exposure) We are going to Belize B2B List know them one by one so that you can learn to differentiate them by its way. Palatino Serif Typography Hermann Zapf Palatino Serif Typography – Hermann Zapf 1948 Serif fonts (Roman) Serif fonts are those that have finials or terminals, which are those small ornaments locat at the ends of the character strokes. Serif typefaces are usually conceiv as serious and traditional. They have an academic or institutional air.

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The small terminals or serifs contribute

They are ideal typefaces for paragraphs or long texts, since to the creation of an imaginary line under the text that makes reading much easier for our eyes. Some examples of Serif fonts are: Times New Roman, Garamond or Book Antigua. And remember within the serif fonts, we can also include Egyptian or Slab Serif fonts. Helvetica Typography B2B Lead Neue Haas Grotesk Max Miinger Helvetica Typography Helvetica (Neue Haas Grotesk) – Max Miinger 1957 Sans Serif Typefaces Sans serif typefaces are characteriz by the absence of serifs and terminals. They are design without serifs. His strokes hardly present contrasts.  Typography, as they offer or little text, on posters and advertising. This font style evokes modernity, security, neutrality and minimalism.

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