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The last four are salts. The salts were missing from wpconfig.php before . but we actually added salts a few versions ago. We added them to wpconfig.php in . so we could easily. Populate them on install but they are not necessary. If salts are not defined or remain the default e.g. Enter unique phrase here then. WP simply generates random strings. To use as salts and stores those in the database. Also for an error log you should. Instead use these constants define WPDEBUG true Enables error reporting. define WPDEBUGDISPLAY false Hides the errors. define WPDEBUGLOG true Logs errors to wpcontenterror.

log or use iniseterrorlog

This has the added benefit of exposing PHP notices which provide developers warnings about code that could be better or may have errors in it. Reply Editorial Argentina Phone Number List StaffJun at pm. Thank You Andrew.  Didnt know about the SALT keys. Just saw it in . and thought it was a new addition. ReplyADMIN Adam W. WarnerJun at am for beginners. Ill be sending people here to learn Reply OzhJun at am ENVDATABASESERVER Syntax doesnt look correct to me ENVstuff maybe but stuff I dont think so and Ive just checked couldnt find any host.

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I have access to that has this defined

Definitely not something common. Other than this nice roundup. Note that WP doesnt look in other directories to find wpconfig.php it just goes one directory up which is in most case out of the server document root. Reply gopalbJun at pm Thanks. its really good tutorialCan you write the detail step by step tutorial of Securing B2B Lead Your WPConfig File for us Reply Editorial StaffJun. At pm The last two steps are pretty easy to follow but sure will add that one to the listReplyADMIN CarlosJun at pm Great article as always. I especially like the .htaccess file tip. Reply DaveKJun at pm Wow plenty there to get my teeth into thanks WPBReply Angie BowenJun at pm Thanks so much for all of this great info. This is the side of WordPress I need to learn more about so Im going to use this post as a springboard to really dive in.

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