Check out this data-driven guide to help maximize the impact of your social meia campaigns at every stage of development and implementation. Contents 1. Creating a personality profile of the audience (future customers). At the core of effective social meia marketing is communicating with a specific audience through your posts. And if you can’t intuitively capture your real target audience, then you nee to create audience personas. at your audience’s demographics, including their interests, fears, nees, and behaviors. Here is an example of what one customer profile might look like: creating a customer profile Note that personality data reveals a person’s goals and challenges or pain points.

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Knowing your real audience well will help you choose the right social meia platform. For example, according to Mary Meeker of Internet Trends, the most important social networks among teenagers and young adults are : Instagram (32%) Twitter (24%) Facebook (14%) Snapchat (13%) Tumblr (4%) Here are some useful tools to use to create your whatsapp mobile number list customer profiles: How to create buyer personas with social meia data – Hootsuite How to Get Social Meia Data for Persona Marketing – TrackMaven 2. Setting goals Once you understand who your audience is, you nee to identify key goals for your social meia marketing efforts. What do you really hope to achieve with your strategy.

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The primary goals of most SMB social meia marketing programs are to: Increasing brand awareness (74%) Getting Web Traffic (53%) Searching for B2B Lead customers (41%) It doesn’t matter what goals you choose for yourself, they must be measurable with various indicators so that you can later measure your success. Without goals and metrics, you or determine whether your efforts were actually effective. you set your goals and metrics: 7 Popular Goal Setting Strategies That Will Help You Succee in Social Meia – Buffer Social How to Create Achievable Social Meia Goals – Sprout Social How to set smart social meia goals to achieve strategic goals.

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