She thinks sales reps often focus on asking can you sign by a certain date? When should they ask when you need to see results? Your leadership’s responses when you ask this question will help you understand the seriousness of the business need and how eager they are to get a solution. You can stipulate a start date and ask if the timeline is achievable. Any hesitation will let you know they may not be ready to commit to a solution. Says Hankison: If you fit the business need that led to the purchase, you can ensure that prospects have the same urgency and priority in purchasing to solve their business pain points.

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Essentially by giving them a set start date you let them know you are Morocco Mobile Database ready to move on to the next steps. If they are not ready to buy and are still in the decision stage you may sense their uncertainty or they will just say no this doesn’t work for us. Refer to previous conversations. While that’s great, one conversation with a prospect usually doesn’t close the deal. Yet the length of a conversation cycle is actually an invaluable tool in determining lead qualifications.

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If you reference parts of previous conversations when talking to a B2B Lead prospect, you can learn how they retain information, what resonates (or doesn’t) resonate with them, and whether they’re adding additional thoughts to your conversation. If they don’t remember much or show signs of not understanding your first conversation it could be a clear sign that they don’t take you as seriously. Says the goal when she uses this tactic is to see if they can effectively reflect on how to help them.

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