What is ROI and how Return on Investment in Marketing is calculated

      Add Your Heading Text Here Surely the word ROI sounds endless to you and that.You always hear it  especially from the mouths. Of your clients or marketing gurus.  But do you know  what ROI is  Do you know how to calculate ROI? Do you know the ROI formula Do you analyze it

SEO tools with AI to keep the positioning of your page at bay

At this point in the marketing game, when you read the acronym AI you know perfectly well what we are talking about. It is the EVOO of the realfooders and the BTC of the cryptobros. And yes, today is the day to discover so many other SEO tools that we still have to discover… via

How to create an effective sales report tricks and examples

Sales reports are documents that summarize and present relevant data about a company’s sales in a specific period. These reports are prepared by the sales  department or by professionals in charge of analyzing the company’s sales data. Pim pam. I told you it was easy . The name How create effective sales says it all.

Success stories with Meta Ads Inspiring examples of successful campaigns

    The reason, you are in the right post my friend.  Since we have written it so that you become an expert. in Meta Ads And learn about some success stories. Of brands that have succeeded thanks to online advertising. and at Oink  we have already helped many brands. To achieve TOP results thanks

Slogans for online clothing stores

Do you have an online clothing store and want to use good slogans to better capture your customer’s attention? Below I leave you an article full of inspiring ideas to find the perfect slogan for your online fashion store. Table of contents what is a slogan and what is its objective? What should a good

Improve creative writing with 3 text rewriting tools

Writing is a form of art that allows us to Therefore,  express our thoughts, ideas and emotions. For bloggers, it is crucial to continually improve your creative. Writing skills to captivate your readers and deliver engaging content. An effective way to achieve this is to use text rewriting tools . These tools offer bloggers the

AI tools to write quality texts

It is essential for businesses to stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly changing world of digital marketing. The field of content creation has also undergone a Therefore,  radical change as a result of the development of artificial intelligence (ai) . Ai writing  have become effective companions for marketers. They allow the creation of interesting,

A step by step guide to creating content that delivers

Content marketing is a great approach to getting people A step by talking about your products, services, and business. Content marketing is a great technique to engage your audience and even build a community. It also improves search engine optimization (SEO), which is always useful. The most time-consuming task for modern content marketers is content

YouTube Optimization for Beginners

From Rickrolling to Grumpy Cats , the Variety of Video Content on Youtube is as Endless as You Can Imagine. As the World’s Second-largest Search Engine (After Google, of Course), 4 Billion Youtube Videos Are View Every Day, for a Total of 6 Billion. Hours Per Month Worldwide. With Such a Large and Profitable. Audience,

How to find semantic keywords to drive traffic

This is a simple process that can be complet in just a few minutes. Twitter is a very How to find social platform, so adding a human element to keyword searches can help broaden the scope of your search results. Keywords for Remote. Interview Recording. Software Like Try Searching. For Remote Interview. Recording Software Rather

The Shocking Story of Laird Hamilton’s Personal

It does not adapt to surf culture, nor its norms” could be the one-sentence summary of the documentary Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton . It is the story of an icon who changed the history of surfing. For me, a good example and exercise of Personal Branding , where his personality, values

Are you still the nut seller

Back to real life…one day it had to be. For a long time I wondered what it would be like the day I returned to the life that for many years was mine. Are you still The one where I was born and raised. Seeing my usual friends and acquaintances again, the life of “normal