How to use Google Optimize to perform optimization tests

It allows us to set up tests of various types. on our website. Regardless of the technology, language or CMS with which it is built. Offers us a visual interface to make changes . so we can make most of them without any technical knowledge.  Doesn’t matter if it’s WordPress, HTML. whatever we have. The

Start designing your chatbot with the Chatbot Design

Value Proposition. Although the translation would be. What is the value proposition”, I prefer to say “what is the reason for the chatbot. It is placed in the center and it is more from the perspective of what pain points it covers. what it is expected to achieve, what we are investing the resources to

Dialogflow Google’s tool to create chatbots

Dialogflow Google, Wait! But where are you going! It’s not yet time to create an account and start messing around, okay? Expect me to at least tell you the basics: Agents . Agents are like projects or natural language recognition modules. In simple bots, one agent will be enough to bring everything together. However, in

Apple at the top of the 50 most innovative companies that are most committed

Climate and sustainability are two of the priorities for companies’ current strategies, according to a study by the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on innovation. However, only 1 in 5 companies is prepared to act in areas such as climate or sustainability, so it is necessary to incorporate these issues as a priority in

Awareness engagement and conversion Let’s talk about the metaverse

If we can be sure of one thing in recent times, it is that we are in a total and absolute moment of change . Economic and political changes, business changes, changes in consumer habits, in the way we interact with other people… Changes at all levels that challenge consumers to keep an open mind

GAM Think Big with its new motto which defines the future of its business model

GAM , the Spanish multinational specialized in solutions for the machinery-related industry, launches its new motto “Think Big” . This is in line with the company ‘s new strategic approach based on innovation, growth and sustainability. The presentation, which is accompanied by an intense advertising campaign in different formats and media , took place at

Email Your Way to Product Industry Success

In numbers As we mentioned, the Email Your more trust companies provide to their clients, the better relationship there will be between both and, currently, it is very important to strengthen this characteristic. In fact, according to the data provided by OVERLAP in its report, companies are facing a crisis of trust , and 60% of

Open New Doors with Product Industry Email Marketing

If companies apply the 6 main Open New dimensions of trust well, they will improve and increase the profitability of their sales .The message conveyed is that the operating enterprise has a high appearance and is worthy of the trust of the market. First impressions matter, no joke, and this is especially true in the

Maximize Your Reach with Product Industry Email Resources

SEO ensures that your content gets found for relevant Maximize Your search terms in the major search engines. It would help if you did keyword research to choose the right keywords and optimize your content so that search engines can find it easily. Use social media – Social media has become a powerful tool for

Popin’s strategy to become the first wellness agency in Spain

Popin’s strategy popin is a creative agency that is based on the belief in the transformative power of creativity and branded content. One of the company’s main potentials is its specialization in well-being. Their extensive experience in the health sector. Which already exceeds 15 years. Makes them a benchmark within this market. popin_ has also

Heinz says goodbye to churretones with a tunic that repels stains

Heinz is a brand that seems light years away from any sense of moderation . Their products are made to be consumed in a way that is as generous as it is indulgent (and perhaps that is why they cause stains so often). For this reason, the famous ketchup brand has just launched an innovation

El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2022 is committed to female talent with these five speakers

El Ojo de the panel made up of Jessica Apellaniz, Anita Ríos. Veronica Elizondo. Monique Lima coordinated by Flor Leibaschoff is one of the reasons that will make this edition an unmissable moment to see beyond. Go further. Change your perspective. Observe reality from different perspectives and perspectives. Understanding the social and technological changes that