Building your eCommerce business within Shopee has become much easier due to the availability of courier services.

But it’s still important to evaluate the options available. It will be easier for you to choose which provider best suits your company’s needs if you are aware of the range and features offered by different organizations.

In addition, you must understand the constant pressure that the business and its customers place on logistics. They always want fast and cheap. Here are 5 tips on choosing the ideal courier for your business:

1.Check customer reviews

There’s No Better Way To Understand How Couriers Work

than to meet the customers they serve whatsapp mobile number list Directly. Shopee shoppers are very particular about delivery times and delays and they always share this in their reviews. Find out which courier receives the most complaints regarding delivery time and package security.

2. Identify their area of ​​coverage
The last thing you need is to outsource a courier company because you realize that there are areas that are not covered. This can cause delivery delays or even result in lost packages. Plus, it can be very expensive for you. It is very important that you choose a courier service that includes both local and international shipping.

3. They have the latest technology
Technology is always developing, especially in the field of logistics. Given that logistics is known for heavy but manual operations, incorporating the latest innovations speaks volumes about how they want to excel in this industry.

 Always Consider The Price

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One important thing to remember when it comes to logistics pricing is that it is not a one-size-fits-all system. Long-term contracts are an option offered by logistics companies to save costs. However, they cannot guarantee a single approach in pricing their services.

This is where SSL becomes an advantage. Shopee can support a sales force and carry out major negotiations because they offer a wide area of ​​service. This means you don’t have to negotiate a lot on price.

5. Customer service

Even though they are tied to Shopee, SSL B2B Lead couriers will still interact with buyers through delivery officers.

Make sure that the company adheres to safety protocols and standards when it comes to shipping goods.

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