Be the first exposure for many brands to large-scale campaigns optimized by AI as well as AI-powered consumer engagement.” SOCi is a marketing platform for multi-location brands so it has skin in the game when it comes to the kind of highly targeted, highly localized advertising available on Facebook. Why we care. Everyone is making a genAI move and Meta will not be left out. These announcements seem relatively modest — generate texts and images at scale — but they have the potential to speed up and ease creative

Workflows for small

Teams, especially at those smaller businesses that rely heavily on Meta channels to reach their audiences. Get MarTech! Daily. Free. In your inbox. Business email address Get MarTech in your inbox. See business lead terms. Add MarTech to your Google News feed. Google News Related stories This week’s AI-powered martech releases How Icelandair used programmatic to increase bookings Best of the Bot: Identifying the latest trends in digital marketing Martech is automating its way into a talent crisis The ethics

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White paper 5 Ways to Create Better Customer Experiences with Data Collaboration Search our site Search the MarTech site Search the MarTech site MarTechBot Meet your new AI-powered marketing assistant! Image expansion. Automates B2B Lead the adjustment of image assets to aspect ratios suitable for specific channels like Feed or Reels. Text variations. The generation of multiple text options based on the advertiser’s original copy to better reach selected audiences. Meta has been testing

Technology New on MarTech 3 ways MOps can bridge the gap in marketing analytics New GA4 features improve security and report accuracy The latest jobs in martech Real Story Group launches free martech assessment B2B Lead tool How Georgia-Pacific connects with customers on retail media networks About the author Kim Davis Kim Davis Kim Davis is the Editorial Director of MarTech. Born in London, but a New Yorker for over two decades, Kim started covering enterprise software ten years ago. His

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