You can read more about implementing rirects on the server side in the google manual sdeveloperssearchdocsadvanccrawling rirects?hl=pl . What is a rirect? Rirect , from English “mov temporarily” “temporary rirection”, informs that the page has been mov to another url only temporarily. In this case, the source page should appear in the search results, not the one after the rirect. Most often, this type of rirection is us when the website is being updatupgrad, a given product or service is temporarily unavailable or we have a seasonal offer. Once the upgrade is complete or the productservice is available again, you should disable the rirect.

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How to set up a rirect? As with rirect , find the .htaccess file on your website server and paste the following code RewriteEngine On RewriteRule  innadomain$ [R= ,L] vs differences. For a search engine, on the other hand, it is very large. Thanks to , we will permanently move the URL to another address, “taking” the SEO power phone number list with us. Using a rirect will ensure that the old address will still retain its position in the search engine, it will not be index. rirect why is it important for SEO Rirects play an important role from an SEO point of view they do not allow duplication of content, which would occur, for example, in the presence of a website version.

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With and s as well as with and without , eliminate the error on the website, which may have negative effects on the website’s position, rirect transfers SEO power from the old address, rirect increases the chance of keeping the old URL temporarily in the search engine. Rirects are one of the most important ranking factors for B2B Lead Google search engine. duplication, SEO power transfer and error, it can be conclud that rirect has a significant impact on SEO.

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