Creating Viral Content for Your Website BuzzFeed started with viral content like personality quizzes memes listicles and popculture commentary. It has now evolved into a large media company publishing different types of content. You will need to decide what type of content you want to publish on your website. any type of content to your website. You can create listicles and articles upload images embed videos and audio create photo galleries and more.

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Beginners guide on how to add a new post in WordPress and utilize all its features. Here are some of our guides that will help you create content similar to BuzzFeed and other viral magazines How to create a contact form in WordPress How to create a landing page with WordPress Best WordPress plugins to create quizzes Kuwait Phone Number List How to create interactive polls in WordPress How to create surveys in WordPress While building a website similar to BuzzFeed it is essential to make it your own by giving it a unique voice and style. This will help your brand stand out and capture a loyal audience. To achieve this you will need to publish new content regularly. You will notice that larger websites publish a lot of content each day.

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Do so you need to choose your own frequency. We recommend starting with three articles a week and then increasing your pace to publish daily. Now you may think how would you come up B2B Lead with new ideas for blog posts regularly See these types of blog posts that are engaging and can easily be used on a viral content website. Need even more ideas Make it a habit of visiting websites similar to BuzzFeed for inspiration. We are not saying that you should steal or copy their content. Instead collect ideas topics get inspired and learn. Use these ideas with your blog posts to create something new and original.

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