when needed to give us help on how its going

Thanks Reply WPBeginner SupportJul at am Youre welcome we try to keep the article up to date but Google does not always make it easyReplyADMIN DanishMar at am You deserve a thanks Reply WPBeginner SupportMar at am Thank youReplyADMIN salehaJan at am This has been really helpful thank you Reply WPBeginner SupportJan at am Youre welcome glad our guide could be helpfulReplyADMIN Kathy BJul at pm Wow good stuff Im a step above a WordPress novice but this is great stuff to know.

Thanks Reply WPBeginner

SupportJul at am Youre welcome glad our article was helpfulReplyADMIN francoJun at am Hi sorry i dont really get a couple of things. I have a freeplan blog i use just to fool around and Ivory Coast Phone Number List discover ho WP works. The layout of the settings is different than described in this article and the blog is open by almost a month. Shoudnt i be able to see it already in search engines results Being it a freeplan i cant install plugins so no webaster tools for me yet.

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So how does it work

Should i simply wait a bit more for the clawler to do its magic or a freeplan simply is not predisposed to be SEOcompatible in order to push for at least a basicplan Reply WPBeginner SupportJul at pm It could either be how valuable Google sees your content or Google could have not crawled your site yet you would want to check with B2B Lead WordPress.coms support for the limitations and recommendations for their free sites. ReplyADMIN Lisa MeyersMay at pm We love your site and your the best place for information for beginners especially the easy to follow videos you make. We have the opposite need we want to use a premade template but we need people to have access to the site to SEOcompatible in order to push.

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