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Your income will be reduced because your sales reps will only sell to the most suitable prospects. However, your profits will increase in quarters in which churn is significantly reduced. Or you might say that sales reps can’t discount after the 1st of the month. You’ll see a spike in closing rates for the first two weeks followed by lower than normal sales. Territory transfer reps take time to familiarize themselves with new territory and build their pipeline so expect your close rates to drop and then pick up again (assuming you plan your new territory well).

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External Factors That Can Affect Your Sales Forecast Competitive Croatia Mobile Database Changes It’s no surprise that your competitors’ behavior will affect your win rate. If another company in the field slashes prices your reps may need to discount even more or risk losing business. On the other hand you might see an increase in demand if a competitor goes out of business. Economic Conditions Buyers are more likely to invest in their businesses when the economy is strong. Sales cycles are often longer when sales are weak and each purchase comes under greater scrutiny.

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Market changes keep abreast of the dynamics of buyers and B2B Lead customers. For example, if you sell consulting services to hotels you would be interested in the expected growth in tourism. Industry Changes If demand for complementary solutions is unexpectedly high you may find that your sales also rise. Imagine you sell jelly. The more peanut butter people bought, the more jelly they bought. Legislative changes Updated laws and directives can help or hurt your business by either creating demand for your products or discouraging potential customers from purchasing any new products. Product Changes Are you introducing a popular feature, introducing a new pricing model, or offering a complementary product or service.

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