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Images and photographs illustrations textures colors any other visual element that can be reproduc on an image. Really anything goes! The only essential requirement to be able to include something on our moodboard is that it must inspire us. It must be align with the values ​​that we want to transmit with our brand. Think that moodboards are not only us to create brands. They can also be us to “transmit” the style and look&feel to follow for a collaborator. For example, if we hire a freelance graphic designer, in addition to sending him the identity manual, we can also send him the moodboard so that he can soak up our visual references.

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With these two tools, the graphic designer will have everything necessary to develop pieces following the visual identity, style and communication tone of the brand. Moodboard board of ideas on the wall example of a moodboard develop on the wall, as a board of ideas the previous step to create one before we begin to search the internet for Sweden B2B List images and capture, put this idea in your head. The moodboard is not the first step. Before we ne to be clear about the type of brand we want to achieve, even if it is only a vague idea. We must have defin the mission and values to the target audience that we are going to address.

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So, what role does the moodboard have in the process of creating a brand? Its main role is to provide you with inspiration and focus. The moodboard B2B Lead is the step prior to the visual identity design process, a corporate color palette, a typography, etc. Will be chosen. The moodboard will set the guidelines for the subsequent design phase. So remember, before you go looking for pretty images like crazy, take a moment and reflect. Think about your brand. Advantages of using a moodboard developing a moodboard has many advantages that are not always very clear.

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