A WordPress site can also have multiple

At pm I have always enjoyed reading contents on this site. Thanks for sharing this awesome tricks. Reply ugwu victorMay at pm I use useronline pluginWhen am in the useronline dashboard I notice that some users want to access my default css upload images link with their browser So am scared may be they want to hack my site Please any help on how to stop them Reply. ExniusJun at pm Hey amazint tricks thanks a lot. Very useful Reply Garratt. CamptonJan at am WordPress Error Log How should I do this in a local environment Im currently using DesktopServer Xampp lite Installs sites with .dev extension locally eg.

mysite.dev with SourceTree

Git However trying to figure out what the path I should be using to my error log file is proving difficult. Could I use a full URL path such as httpmysite.devphperror.log or does Albania Phone Number List it need to be the system file pat CUsers Garratt Documentsmysite. devphperror. log Reply WPBeginner StaffOct at pm Yes. Reply German learning MunichOct at am Hi thanks for the great summary I have a question is any change in the wpconfig immediately effective Reply.

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Angsuman Chakraborty

Jun at am Yes it is immediately effective Reply. Nathan PinnoAug at pm Got a question. How do I transfer ownership of a site from one. user to another. Like I set it up with my admin account but I want to have another user be the main admin and do updates and posts. I doubt I can just set them as an admin and myself as a B2B Lead subscriber and be done with it so whats the. Correct route of doing so Reply WPBeginner StaffAug at pm Yes thats one way to do it.administrators. If you also want to transfer them the ownership of domain web hosting and database then you will have to create a user account for them in your web hosting control panel. After that you can give them the complete control on domain hosting and database as well.

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