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On the one hand, reflect on the chosen typography and its modality (shape). Evaluate whether it can be read correctly and has sufficient contrast to the background. On the other hand, if the text ends up being replicat on different supports and sizes, don’t forget about scalability! Make sure that text remains legible even when it is ruc or enlarg. 4. Always keep its shape and size in mind consider the shape of your typography and the size of your text. Depending on the purpose of the text, we ne to give it one size or another. For example, for legal notice text, the size is usually no larger than 5 or 6 points.

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For it-level text blocks (that will be read at short distances), we’ll use a size of 8 to 11 points. Another example, if we use a tall and compact font, we will be able to fit more characters in a smaller space than a regular font. Text kerning 5. Be mindful Bulk SMS Bangladesh of kerning of course, i couldn’t include kerning in my list of typography tips. Kerning is the separation that exists between pairs of characters. Paying attention to kerning is very important when we use typography in headlines or other special scenarios such as logo design. If necessary, we change the spaces to make the words more harmonious.

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The visual hierarchy of your composition

Make good use of capital letters this is another typographic trick that you may not have consider. In recent years, with the advent of social networking and the use of apps, it has become a common practice to write in uppercase or capital letters B2B Lead to highlight concepts or words.  You should be aware capital letters can be offensive and interpret as raising tone. Always use capital letters sparingly and purposefully. For example, you can make headings in all caps to enhance. On the other hand, using capital letters in paragraphs of text can end up being difficult to read.

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