Candidates must be well prepared for the interview. And also understand their rights and areas that should not be discussed during the interview. However, what if, despite all this, a recruiter or employer asks personal questions. Such as religion, political views,  orientation, or private life? The main thing about job interviews is not to react too emotionally. In this case, you can try to circumvent the answer or answer in a neutral manner. Specific answers, you should carefully consider. Whether the job is worth it, especially at a company that violates the Labor Code.

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Candidates are protected by the Civil Code (Article 1) If a prospective employer violates a candidate’s personal rights, you can seek compensation or redress. Article 1 of the Labor Code) If the refusal to answer a question in a prohibited area is the reason Armenia Email List for rejecting a candidate, you can apply for discrimination compensation. All in all, there are several areas that should not be discussed in an interview, although there are exceptions to some of them (like the police check question). In order to protect yourself from unnecessary accusations, slander and financial penalties, it is best to obtain the correct knowledge beforehand, or to entrust the recruitment to experienced and professional recruiters.

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When interviewing yourself

Safer to focus on questions about the candidate’s education and experience. What is mixed work? Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid working models In B2b Lead fact, hybrid working emerged in January 2018, when companies had to limit permanent work at headquarters due to coronavirus-related lockdowns. Interestingly, hybrid work models are with us all the time. Many companies are still focused on hybrid or even fully remote work from home (home office). We examine what a hybrid work model really is and. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this form of employment. Soft Skills for Remote Work Building Relationships and Organizing Work.

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