Your WPConfig File where is the code

Reply Nathan PinnoAug at pm They already have all that Im just helping them redevelop their website cause its not a good look right now nor is it easy to update ATM. Found this awesome church theme for them cause its my churchs website Im working on and wanted to see how difficult it would be to switch admins. Last time a site of mine had multiple admins just the first admin ID could update the plugins themes and WP in general. Reply AnonJul at am Im not too sure but usually u have to do it in your.

Terminal like sudo adduser sudo

Reply johnJun at pm After I got rid of the database error now I dont have any errors but now I have just blank page with no source code Please help what to do now. Thnaks Reply Afghanistan Phone Number List Toufiq Hassan ShawonMay at am Thanks It helps me lot why dont you add defineWPCACHE true Reply rogerOct at pm useful so what about the Securing Your WPConfig File thank you Reply OscarSep at am Just a heads up that the indicated GoDaddy Hostname doesnt work maybe at least not for everyone and the ENV option didnt either. I found instructions on where to find my specific.

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Hostname here httpsupport

Godaddy.comhelparticleviewingyourdatabasesdetailslocaleen Reply MaganizoAug at pm I cant thank you more Youve touched on the heart of any online work in a very clear way Youre great teachers indeed It cant be any better than this Write more Reply bradMay at am Hey Guys Great site great info just found it. with B2B Lead the secure Securing that we need please Brad Reply BonJan at am is there any configuration in wordpress . so that the uploaded files will use the defined WPHOME or WPSITEURL thanks Reply Heather WoodJun at pm Awesome. There is so much stuff about wordpress I didnt even know. Like the repair database define code. this is one great article.

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