Make use of ligatures in typography

The set of sensations that can be transmitt to us is call typographic personality. Fonts can be cheerful, serious, informal, elegant. For example, if we use a tall and narrow sans-serif typeface, it is very likely that it will convey elegance to us. If we use round or thick fonts without serif they will appear more jovial and fun. On the other hand, handwritten or ornament typefaces can convey celebration or fantasy. But if you want to learn more about typographic personality, don’t miss the article where i develop this concept in more detail: typographic psychology: what it is and what we should take into account. Alignment typographical errors.

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Aligns by default to the left another of the typographical tips time we use fonts. Whenever possible, avoid aligning the text to the center, or justifi alignment. We know that it can be tempting to use the center alignment, because it is a symmetrical Germany B2B List alignment, but you should know that this alignment makes it difficult to read. When reading with this type of alignment, our eyes have to strain to figure out where the next line of text begins. In contrast with left alignment, the eye knows exactly where each new line of text begins. With left alignment, our eye will form an imaginary line on the left ge of the text.

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Thanks to it, you will be able to find the beginning of each line of text, maintaining the connection with the reading of the paragraph. On the other hand, many graphic designers have a penchant for justifi alignment. Although visibly we find it B2B Lead more orderly, this type of alignment causes irregular spaces between words and makes the text difficult to read again. So remember, whenever possible, use left or right alignment for text.  Ligatures are glyphs that contain pairs or triples of characters. They are design so when it comes to writing them with typography.

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