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It also engages stakeholders more actively in what they want from the project. It relies on sharper detail than similar models. Stakeholders typically need to lay out several specific details including information relevant to the company’s target population, how success will be determined, and a clear timeline for each planned action and intervention. Likewise almost any organization whether public, corporate, not-for-profit, or otherwise can benefit greatly from this strategic model. Examples of Theories of Change For this example imagine a business that produces payroll software but has been underperforming recently.

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They think it’s time to go all in and put some firm plans in place, but Albania Mobile Database right now they just have some big-picture goals for the company in mind and don’t know how to get there. Firms in such situations may benefit from utilizing a theory of change model. Assume its ultimate goal is to expand market share. Leadership will then consider the prerequisites and their relevance to ultimately achieve that goal. For example, one of these prerequisites may be to reach out to a new customer base without alienating the existing customer base.

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The assumption that we currently cater almost exclusively B2B Lead to mid-sized businesses and that we lack the resources to expand the high-end market into enterprise-level prospects. We need to find a way to attract small businesses more effectively. Now the company can start looking at specific steps it can take to address its top concerns. Let’s say it only sells products at a fixed price point that’s more suited to midsize businesses than small businesses. So the company decided to use a tiered pricing structure to offer a limited suite of features at a price that small businesses and startups could afford.

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