It is necessary to develop programs that integrate various aspects relat to atmospheric protection and ruce traffic or restrict traffic partially or completely when necessary. Such Law No. 1 amends the express text of the Traffic Motor Vehicle Circulation and Road Safety Law. The text hands over to municipalities the power to restrict roads for environmental reasons. Royal Decree No. 1 is also aim at improving air quality. It identifies three main pollutants, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone, for which control mechanisms must be establish.

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It becomes a risk to start exposure to these elements at lower levels. Emissions are the transfer of pollutants from the free atmosphere to recipient human plants Nepal Email List or buildings. This factor is us to calculate the total amount of pollutants inhal or absorb by measuring emissions within a given time interval within the Canadian Telephone Number Table . For example, the threshold for nitrogen dioxide for three consecutive hours is set at micrograms of cubic meters. The nitrogen dioxide emission limit stipulates that the level of micrograms per cubic meter should not exce hours per year. According to the legislative framework as mention above.

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And forecasting systems to control the air quality of cities B2b Lead These systems can understand the concentration levels of polluting elements in real time. It is necessary to protect the health of citizens and the best way is to minimize any risk BJ leads to the situation. Hazardous situations often occur during heavy traffic and weather conditions that are not conducive to the spread of pollution particles. Conflict Between Problem Awareness and Implementation of the Agreement Citizens are aware of the possible health risks of atmospheric air pollution but they do not welcome real risks to air quality.

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