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Most of the time when a mockup is us to present our work, it is because it deals with physical items, such as a merchandising item. We make use of this type of files to fake a real assembly. We resort to it seeking the approval of the client and because we do not have time or money for the production and printing of a sample. Design, when presenting the visual identity propos for a brand to the client, if we do not take care of the presentation, we can achieve the opposite effect and cause a somewhat confusing impression. Not everyone has enough imagination to be able to visualize in their head what the present solution would look like.

Logos are always us in a specific context

Delivering photomontages to clients with the logo appli under each of these scenarios will help a lot to defend the professionalism and objectivity of our proposal. For example, if we were talking about the design of a visual identity for a startup Cyprus B2B List that was aim at a young audience, we could apply mockups on apps, t-shirts, email signatures, stationery, business cards, or any other merchandising item that could fit with our audience. A mockup, translat from english as a sketch, is a photomontage through which graphic designers can present their proposals to clients.

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Mockups have many uses

They are not only us to present logo design proposals. They are also us very frequently in web design and app design. For example, we can find mockups to show off t-shirt designs or even socks in online or e-commerce stores that have not yet B2B Lead manufactur this product. Thanks to mockups we can present our work in a professional way, but saving printing and assembly costs. We will be able to show the client how the design of the graphic project will look in many different formats. In fact, in the case of logo design, we have mockups for all kinds of applications: stationery, vinyl, posters, merchandising items.

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