A cost effective technique that could provide clean

  safe drinking water to millions of people clean and safe drinking water for millions of people a cost-effective technique that could provide clean drinking water according to unicef. Globally. More than . Billion people. Including million children. Live in areas of high or extremely high vulnerability to water. And that number is expected to

Briiv Sustainable Air Purifier

Ive healthier. Sleep better and breathe better with the briiv sustainable air purifier . The briiv air filter uses renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment. Creating clean. Safe air for you to breathe. Just as nature intended. Good air quality means better sleep. Higher energy levels. And

The world’s first ecological electrical wire ecological electrical wire

The first eco-friendly electric flosser called flaüs uses sonic vibrations to move quickly and smoothly between clenched teeth, removing stubborn plaque and dirt from places your toothbrush can’t access. Designed to reach the nooks and crannies with ease and give your gums the tlc they deserve, flaüs does the hard work. With up to 12,000

Self driving cars can’t recognize pedestrians

An estimated million self-driving cars will be on the roads by . Potentially eliminating some of the dangers posed by fallible human drivers. After all. Artificial intelligence is not prone to road rage. Distracted driving. Or the ability to fall asleep at the wheel. But there are other concerns to consider when imagining a future

Lomi converts waste into organic fertilizer

With lomi. You can turn your waste into Lomi converts  nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Food waste when put together turns out to be a rather disgusting product that we can work on in a better way. No more smelly. Leaky garbage or throwing food scraps to rot in landfills. Theres a new way to contribute to

Salt water and urine converted

Global energy demand is expected to increase substantially in the Salt water andcoming decades. The colombian renewable energy startup e-dina has presented a solution that promises to improve the quality of life of communities without access to this vital resource. Hours. Which is equivalent to more than days or to years of use. Depending on

Organic air fresheners by Grow Fragrance

Many people like to keep their environments home. Office. Bathroom. Etc. With soft and pleasant smells. If you are one of those who prefer to use ecological air fresheners. This article is for you. Everyone enjoys a fresh-smelling home.  Opening the door to false claims about “natural” ingredients. which are available in a variety of

The most powerful tidal turbine in the world

Orbital . Supposedly the “worlds most powerful” tidal turbine . Is nearing completion. Designed and built by orbital marine power . Is currently en route to its final location off the orkney islands . The tidal turbine will generate nearly megawatts of power . Homes in the uk each year . Marine energy center off

DSR special edition electric motorcycle

California-based zero motorcycles is celebrating years of DSR special editionmanufacturing electric motorcycles.  And to mark the occasion. DSR special edition The company has partnered with the national forest foundation to launch a special edition dsr dual sport electric motorcycle.That increased demand for zeros dual-sport electric motorcycles provided the perfect opportunity to partner with the national

Ship of the week: This sea cleaning sailboat collects up

Every year. An estimated eight million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. According to the un. If nothing is done. There will be more plastic waste than fish in the oceans by . Tired of hitting these floating objects during his races and seeing paradisiacal places become landfills. A french ocean adventurer. Yvan

Xion cyberx electric bike

  the xion cyberx electric bike a custom mph. Mile range model. The funniest thing youve ever seen on a bike. Fat tires. Full suspension. Mid-drive. -person seating. The xion cyberx electric bike prototype is the toughest looking ebike with upgraded led lighting and customizable laser-printed side panels. Its extreme durability for on- and off-road

An autonomous robot that removes to farming

An increasing number of companies are working on robotic innovations such as multi-functional slopehelper. Autonomous tractors. Robotic harvesters. Autonomous an-autonomous sprayers and much more. Startup soletrack a electric tractor now. An autonomous robotics company . Carbon robotics. Has introduced its third-generation autonomous weed-killing robots. Autonomous weeder leverages robotics. An onboard computer powered by artificial intelligence