The Belitung Regency LPG Monitoring Team has again conducted Monitoring and Evaluation at SPBE, LPG Agents and Bases in Belitung, Wednesday (14/12/2022). This monitoring and evaluation is carried out to ensure the availability of LPG stocks, both subsidized and non-subsidized ahead of Christmas and New Year.
This Monev activity was attended by a number of Assistants and Expert Staff. One of them, the Assistant for Economic Affairs and Development, Adnizar, questioned the availability of gas stocks ahead of Nataru, as well as anticipation of bad weather in December.

Representative from SPBE Energi Laskar Pelangi, Dede assured that

LPG stocks on Belitung Island remained safe. This is Database because the LPG transportation fleet to Belitung is currently running smoothly. Regarding availability, he said that SPBE Energi Laskar Pelangi always makes deliveries before stock runs out.

“Anyway, before the stock runs out, we’ll take it again,” said Dede.

Meanwhile, the need for subsidized LPG managed by SPBE Bukit Intan Sejahtera Sentosa is also relatively safe. The SPBE BISS representative said that shipping by barge made shipping to Belitung more secure.

“One barge usually loads 450 tons, an average of 17 days once the ship enters,” he said.

He also mentioned that the average need for LPG on Belitung Island for one month reaches 593 tons. Regarding the distribution to agents, he admitted that it was the authority of Pertamina.

Sales Branch Manager of Pertamina Tanjung Pandan Reiner said that for


The Belitung district this year there has been a full supply B2B Lead of barges. From one dongkang can be allocated more than 15 days.

“In terms of stock, we don’t have a problem. As of December 9, 95 percent of the gas allocation has entered,

There are many criteria, besides cleanliness, greenery, availability of waste banks, waste segregation and several other criteria,” said Yasa.

In addition to the three levels above, in Belitung there are several schools that have status as Mandiri Adiwiyata Schools, one of which is SMP 2 Badau. This Adiwiyata school is no longer receiving guidance, but can provide guidance to other schools.

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