That a typographer design that typeface

In addition to clarifying its equivalent in spanish, it will show you how we can change its value from design programs such as adobe illustrator or adobe indesign. A bit of typographic context in the design of fonts, “glyphs” are us, characters that are part of the typographic alphabet. The same letter can have several glyphs representing it. To add the glyphs to the digital file that stores the font, the font designer nes to fit each one inside an invisible rectangle call a “type.” the main function of the rectangle or type is to place the letters at a correct distance in front of their previous and next one.

A new text box with that font

In the roman alphabet that we use today, each character has a different type size. Think about the difference in space that two characters ne, such as the letter “i” and the letter “m”. Obviously, uppercase letters are going to ne more space in Colombia B2B List your type than lowercase ones. Kerning and tracking what is tracking? Tracking, also known as kerning or kerning in spanish, is a temporary alteration of the space that we can find between a set of consecutive characters of a font. In spanish, this space is also call prose. The font comes with a leading space set by the typographer, the author of the font.

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The design program the next time

So before we start to modify a tracking, remember with a leading space that he consider optimal for reading it. In any case, we can add or subtract the spacing using a program that allows the formation of fonts. The tracking alteration is done B2B Lead temporarily and under certain characters. I speak of temporary change because it can be modifi at the time we ne. It is not something fix or permanent. Surely, after closing the designer creates, the tracking quará restart to the one establish by the author himself. It is therefore a parameter that can be modifi by the user.

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