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The purpose of the questions is to learn more about the personality of typography. It can help us become more aware of whether typography is relevant to the values ​​and audiences we want to reach. 8. Focus on readability we must ensure to the readability of the text. If we want to communicate something, the first step is to read it. If it is not read, there will be no message or communication. For this, we must consider not only the typeface, but also the contrast and context in which the typeface is us. The ideal minimum size for reading close text is 11 points. Readability is basic.

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There’s no point in using a really nice font if your name isn’t legible. It also values ​​its scalability, meaning that the typography can and sizes while maintaining legibility. Also pay attention to tracking, spaces between characters. If we use fonts with Mexico B2B List very little spacing between characters, it will negatively affect readability, especially when reproduc at small sizes. On the other hand, if we include too much spacing, it can make it difficult to read. Try to find a balance between letters and spaces. Using too many fonts can affect the readability of reading 9. Avoid using many different fonts designs with more than 3 fonts require our eyes to read.

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One or two typefaces is always the best choice, but be brave enough to combine complementary typefaces. I recommend using one font for headings and another for paragraphs or longer text. On the other hand, i’m not very good at using B2B Lead the same font us in the logo for other communications. I think keeping the font for the logo only for it in communication. Choose fonts that contrast or harmoniously combine, but don’t abuse their numbers. You can also value making one of the same typography series. I hope these tips help you choose the best fonts for your graphic design projects. The psychology of form is directly relat to what gestalt theory reveals.

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