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We will be able to increase the tracking so that all the characters have a greater separation or decrease it to get the letters closer to each other. When a string of characters has a tracking greater than that grant by default, it is call positive tracking. Conversely, when the tracking is less than that establish by the typographer, it is call negative tracking. Positive tracking and negative tracking be careful, we must always watch our tracking carefully. Too little tracking can make the text difficult to read, as can also happen if we add too much space. We ne to bet on creating a comfortable reading rhythm for the viewer.

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Thick or bold fonts, as well as condens fonts, can be slightly favor by negative tracking. On the other hand, when we write with a dark background and light text, it is always advisable to increase the tracking a little to make it easier to read. What Chile B2B List is kerning? Kerning is a modification of the tracking between a pair of consecutive characters. It is usually alter to improve an aesthetic spacing problem. Therefore, kerning is still a particular tracking scenario, and like tracking, it is available to the user to change its value. It could also be defin as the action of applying tracking on a pair of glyphs or characters within a font.

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Initially, kerning could only be modifi by typographers. It was not a temporary alteration. Over time, this change and we can now also modify the kerning between two characters from our design programs. Normally, the kerning text, logos, headings B2B Lead or titles, although or text bodies. As the font size increases, aesthetic problems between characters become more apparent. They are especially visible around letters with vertex facing outward, such as v, w or y. Kerning text so now on, keep in mind that kerning is the space that is always between pairs of characters.

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