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So we can use it to our advantage, choosing the font that best helps us convey our message. If the typography we use does not support the final purpose of our business, we can generate a visual disconnect. Therefore, choosing poorly can confuse our audience quite a bit. Make use of common sense. If you want to further expand your knowlge in this field, i recommend: typographic psychology: what it is and what we should take into account. Every brand must work on its voice and tone of communication to continue with its branding strategy. Each font works as a tone of voice, a way of speaking and communicating.

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To assess whether a typeface works for us as part of our communication, we must be able to abstract ourselves from what its text says, and study how it is saying it. For this, it can be of great help to ask ourselves a series of questions: is it an Greece B2B List elegant typeface? Or maybe it’s a more informal font? Is it female or male? If it were a product, would it be cheap or luxurious? The purpose of the questions is to learn more about the personality of the typography. It can help us to be clearer if the typography is relat to the values ​​and the audience we want to reach.

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Keep an eye on readability we must ensure that to the readability of the text. If we want to communicate something, the first step is to read it. If it is not read there will be no message or communication. For this we must not only take into account the B2B Lead font but also the contrast and context where the font is going to be us. The ideal minimum size for reading close text is 11 points. Readability is basic. There is no point in using a very aesthetic typeface clearly. It also values ​​its scalability, that is, that the typography can be reproduc in different supports and sizes while maintaining legibility.

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