The monogram of the volkswagen automobile

This is how they began to include the initials of their names to their properties. The system was evolving going on to be adopt by companies, to give rise to the commercial panorama that we know today. Ancient greek coins with monograms ancient greek coins with monograms monograms have been in use for centuries. To give you an idea, the first record monogram appear on coins from ancient greece, where the monogram was includ on the back in order to identify the city-state the coin came from. And these date from more than 350 years before christ.

Its history another curious example

Monograms have also been conceiv to be us as religious symbols. For example, under the rule of constantine i, the first roman emperor to convert to christianity, the crismon was quite frequently includ in religious ornaments, churches, or even coins. It is a monogram compos of the greek letters x (xi) and p (rho), and it was includ with the intention Bulk SMS Sender Pakistan of representing christ. During the 7th and 8th centuries, the custom of signing with monograms was attribut mostly to royalty, but as the nobility or clergy learn to write, this custom spread progressively, and was also adopt by artists and craftsmen who resort to to the monograms to sign their works.

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Why they may still enjoy

Signature monogram albrecht durer albrecht durer sign all of his works with the same monogram and so on until the 19th and 20th centuries, when monograms establish themselves as potential identity tools and began to act as logos for companies B2B Lead and trademarks. In the end the monograms became a symbol of social status, one of the reasons fame today. History logo volkswagen monograms evolution of the volkswagen logo throughout of a monogram, for a completely different sector, the automobile sector, would be company. Its logo has been part of its identity since it was found in 1937 in the midst of nazi germany.

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