They all blend together in one palette and work well together. Remember that a palette can be complete, we’ll include all known colors, or only a small subset. I only develop this article for a small palette, which serves as a specific color choice. In graphic design, we utilize color palettes to maintain a set of hues or colors that make up a composition or visual identity. Use of Color When we talk about color in corporate identity, we ne to understand that color must be associat with the main goal. Colors are chosen for more than just aesthetic value. Remember, the colors in our corporate palette must appeal to our target audience.

When you think of Coca-Cola

For example mut tones or bright colors are often associat with younger audiences and seen as more positive colors. On the other hand, more opaque or darker colors may be associat with a more mature audience and perceiv as sadder colors. Also, intent Bulk SMS Bahrain must be consider, as choosing colors for banking communications (such as a music festival) is not the same. There are also a few factors we must keep in mind when choosing colors for our palette. For example, how light falls on each color and even the material they are print on. Keep in mind that colors reproduc digitally in RGB color mode.

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Color Palette in Corporate Visual Identity

Will not look the same as when print on a printing system in CMYK color mode. If you still have doubts and don’t know much about color modes, you can take a look at the following article: RGB and CMYK: What are they and when to use each B2B Lead color mode. The choice of “corporate colors” plays a very important role when developing a company’s visual identity. I’m talking about colors that any customer will immiately associate with the brand. itself in the minds of customers under that color. Santander or Nintendo, the same colors surely come to mind, right.

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