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Weng may also stick to his point of view. According to the “Dictionary of Psychology”, motivational rigidity refers to the rigidity of the internal motivational system, that is, when life conditions change, the inability to respond. For example, a person with rigid motivation us to go to a bakery near their home for a croissant and coffee before going to work. This morning ritual motivates him to get up on time and get to the office. The man mov to another city and found that there was no bakery near the house. Because of this, he start being late often, and even sometimes.

Absenteeism despite position and salary

Higher emotional rigidity is a tendency to get stuck in a certain emotional state for a long time, most commonly in a negative emotional state. People with this Ghana Mobile Database tendency suffer long-term stressful consequences, have difficulty switching, and should be underwhelm by the new environment anti-   , even if they are pleasant. For example, a person cannot for a long time forget about his rude behavior in the subway, analyze his behavior and think about how to correctly answer the offender. How rigidity is form According to the research of American scientists, there are two main factors in the formation of psychological rigidity.

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Neurotic emotional avoidance an

Goal-denying behavior disorder, impulsive control B2b Lead difficulties, and emotional control difficulties. The experience of negative emotions. Lack of emotional awareness and clear feeling when a person experiences negative emotions. However, of mental rigidity. How rigidity affects people The effect of rigidity mirrors the Latyens effect. In a 2010 experiment, a psychologist demonstrat that experience has a negative effect on finding new solutions. The first group of students were ask to use different siz jars for quarts.

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