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Page offers a bold statement: But as we’ve seen searching. They’re just the top searches from a few months ago. Yes, that’s exactly one word. It’s time to search. First, a vanity search, I’ll try my handles: the result set actually doesn’t look the same at all. It can be seen at a glance that there are differences in the layout of the two sides. blue links from the same site (i.e. one doesn’t necessarily use a label.

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Didn’t the survey participants think they were asked to choose the best-looking result? We  were told that the were asked to choose which set of results was the Cyprus Mobile Database best. Maybe they got further instructions to choose the most relevant, but if they were, we sure weren’t. Just asking us to choose the result on the left or right. You can easily tell which is which search engine. Now of course, if you’re reading this, you’re using a search engine a lot, and you’re likely to spot and typesetting styles right away.

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The man or woman in the street

Will you notice this? In general, people use search a lot B2b Lead and we can reasonably assume that the majority of survey participants do as well, as we were told to make sure they were all fairly familiar with how to use search, they were all asked to have used one within the past month major search engines. Now, we’re told that users are blind to which search engine a result comes from, whether or not they consciously choose one over the other, and whether or not they actually prefer the result.

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