We check in which areas of the candidate the recruiter or employer should not violate their life during the interview. Course How to Find a Job Effective Job Search ( reviews ) Learn how to find a job that pays well. Learn to showcase your strengths and convince employers that you are a candidate they cannot pass up. Find out more about conducting interviews under the Constitution and Labor. Law worth starting with the applicable legal acts.  is the Constitution. Which ensures the protection of personal data (Articles 1 and 2). Therefore, no one is obliged to disclose information about himself. Recruiters looking for employees Labor laws are also important in job interviews.

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Article 1 of the Labor Law, we read that. Employers may Anguilla Email List ask candidates to provide personal data such as name. Address, date of birth, education and work history. The following paragraphs indicate that recruiters may request numbers, and even names and dates of birth of children, but only if it involves the use of special rights under labor law. That means candidates can’t even be asked to send photos. He is also not obliged to provide contact details, such as a phone number or email address, although from a job applicant’s perspective, it doesn’t make sense to insist on this.

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Plans, opinions (political and religious), sexual orientation, union B2b Lead membership, health status or past medical history are strictly prohibited. If this happens and the employer proves to have discriminated against on one of the above grounds, he must pay the discriminated candidate compensation in the amount of at least the minimum wage (Article ( ) of the Labor Code). Questions You Shouldn’t Ask During an Interview The no-go areas listed below are five areas that recruiters should not violate during an interview. Unfortunately, many employers, especially those with little legal knowledge, ask these questions when interviewing candidates. Private life Questions about personal life.

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