Thanks to space, we will be able to create the visual essence and dynamism of a composition. Positive space and negative space we can find two different types of space, positive space and negative space. In graphic design we make use of these two spaces to generate a focal point, establish balance and define a visual style. The positive space is the part where the main attention of the design falls. Wherever the shapes of the objects that attract the viewer’s attention are includ. Positive space is the shape, object, or other visual element that we identify within the composition. Negative space, on the other hand, is the part of the design that “is not there.” the rest of the space that is between the elements.

The attention of the viewers

Negative space frames and contains the composition, so it can be just as important to a design as positive space. In some cases it can be interpret as “the background”. In graphic design, positive and negative space is creat by the arrangement Venezuela B2B List and visual appearance of shapes within a composition. Remember that thanks to of the form in the positive. Without negative space there is no positive space. Positive space negative space negative space and the gestalt theory within the gestalt theory, we can find a couple of key ideas and a couple of laws or principles that are closely relat to negative space.

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The gestalt theory and its laws

That’s why i thought it important to mention it all again in this article. Don’t you know what the gestalt theory is? Well, if you are looking to improve your graphic design skills, you ne to know this theory and how its principles or laws will help B2B Lead us to attract, directly impacting their perception. I leave the article here: appli to graphic design. Take 10 minutes to read it calmly and you will understand many things! I. The key idea of ​​reification the key idea of ​​reification reflects how people can recognize objects and other forms, even if parts of them are missing.

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