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The composition we make must ensure that the words are read in the correct order. Here we can take advantage of visual hierarchy or position, taking into account that we read from left to right. Never sacrifice correct reading order for aesthetic reasons. The order and letters must remain recognizable so that the monogram can serve its purpose. Order and hierarchy of monogram characters 6. Keep in mind the possible applications of the monogram. When we start designing a monogram, we also ne to evaluate the possible applications that can be achiev.

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What are you going to do with it? For example, if the monogram is to be us for stamps or embroidery, we must guarantee that it is also suitable for small sizes, and for this we must pay attention to its scalability. Is the stroke thickness sufficient for legibility at small font sizes? Or maybe we should have a single ink version for use in negatives or when SMS Gateway Brunei we have to resort to direct ink printing. These are just a few examples, so study and think about all the possible applications that will be possible with monograms. In this way, we can prict future applications and harden them to have status. 7. Trial and error. Go ahead and doodle with letters and draw every possibility you can think of.

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Remember, we don’t ne to include details, but to observe the structure of the letters and the combinations they form. In the end you’ll be able to calmly assess which results didn’t work and which ones were worth trying. Avoid using B2B Lead programs (or platforms) to create logos automatically or using stock images. To identify a company or its owner. Ask for a well-round profile, and if you want to give your monograms more meaning, help yourself to shapes, colors, or the psychology of typography. Remember that in addition to these 7 tips, your monogram should ideally have the 7 characteristics of a good logo above.

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