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If, for example, we ne to choose a font for texts, it is important that of weight or width. So we can include bold or italics in our texts. For very long texts, perhaps you should choose fonts that are easy to read and do not tire the reader too much. Here serif fonts can be a great option. If we are going to have a small amount of space, we may ne to resort to a condens font, which reads well but takes up less space. Take the opportunity to include fonts in the headlines that contribute to generating a greater impact. Oh! And if we are going to communicate in spanish, make sure that the font has the letter.

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It may seem very obvious to you until you become infatuat with one and then verify that it does not have the famous spanish lyrics. So now you know, study the context of your project. 6. Avoid following trends or fashion sources bet on the simple, but Portugal B2B List also in some graphic projects it is important to bet on the timeless. For example, when creating a logo it is important that we do not follow specific fashions or trends that will pass. We want our logo to survive the passage of time and accompany us in the evolution of the business. What now may be a typeface on everyone’s lips, tomorrow could go out of style.

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If we want our identity to be strong and solid for bet on a more timeless typeface, ​​and characteristics of the company without valuing trends. Personality of typography or typographic psychology 7. Listen to the voice of your company always B2B Lead value the personality of typography or typographic psychology. In case you didn’t know, all fonts have their own personality and can evoke emotions. Their shapes and style can directly affect how we perceive them. That is why when choosing the best font for your business, it is important that you also value the typographic personality.

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