Their identity is at the time of presentation

Remember that when presenting a brand it is important that we put aside any subjective or personal opinion. We recommend that you follow the following structure: 1. A warning sentence i like to start the presentation with a simple sentence as an introduction. The phrase aims to try to get the client to leave any type of subjective opinion away from the presentation. “a good logo cannot be summ up in what one likes or dislikes. A good logo is summ up in what works.” it is a very simple phrase, but in the process of introducing a brand sometimes we ne to also ucate our clients a bit so that they can better understand the appli solutions.

The characteristics that your proposals

Characteristics of a good logo as i just told you, sometimes we ne to enlighten our clients with some information about logo design and graphic design. Therefore, after showing the previous warning sentence, i would recommend you USA B2B List reserve a new slide with a brief summary of what makes a good logo. If it is easier for you, you can list and show the 7 characteristics to design a good logo today, in a briefer and clearer way. I will summarize it for you, but if you have not read this article i recommend that you take 15 minutes. It will help you soak up should have when presenting a brand to a client.

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If we want to present a new brand

When designing a logo it should be simple, original, representative, scalable, memorable, durable and relevant. Please, avoid mugging the client with long texts and definitions on this slide. We don’t want to exhaust you from the start, and chances B2B Lead are if you see a lot of text, you’ll skip to the next slide without reading the content. 3. Current situation of your client’s identity, we first ne to present the current situation. Present to the client how. This will help us define the problem, what is lacking in your logo and what nes to be fix. Do not cut yourself, highlight the mismanagement of its visual identity if you consider that it is not well establish.

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