Therefore I list some scenarios below: The main reason is that we want soft plastic to reach the target spot as quickly as possible. However, soft plastic should not fall to the ground like bricks. It should appear to float down as lifelike as possible.

Lure up past the target area and then let the current carry the lure towards the strike zone  target structure. Structure  Target Spot If our target is the bottom area, a heavy jighead will help the soft plastic lure reach faster and keep it on the strike zone.

For mid-water targets for example on reba or rumpair

Change the jighead until we find a weight Whatsapp Mobile Number List that is able to give a presentation that makes the fish attack. Lure Presentation Techniques How the soft plastic is presented also affects the selection of jighead.

What we need is the right match between the soft plastic and the jighead to create the liveliest performance possible. When using soft plastic that does not have its own action like shrimp, this lure is more effective when matched with a light jighead so that it can drift down the water column more naturally.

Soft plastic jighead Incorrect installation of the lure Soft plastic should

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Be Straight So That the Swimming Action. Is Not Affected B2B Lead Additional Tips. Buy Several Types of Jighead Shapes to Suit Different. Conditions Always Check the Sharpness. Of the Hook and Sharpen if Necessary.

If necessary, cut some soft plastic so that the position and orientation matches the jighead hook Make sure the soft plastic lure is straight and not bent on the jighead.

If the tip of the hook penetrates to the side or slants, the SP will not swim properly. The most important thing.. Before casting, test the action of your soft plastic lure first. By observing in advance how it performs and making corrections (if necessary) will increase our chances of getting a strike.


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