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Although this type of font does not have the invisible line that Serif fonts achieve for long texts, it is also highly us for texts on the screen and texts in small sizes. Thanks precisely to the absence of terminals and auctions, this typeface can be more legible in small texts than its older sister. Some examples of San Serif fonts are: Futura, Helvetica, Arial, Gotham or Avenir. Parisienne Script Typeface Personality Typeface Psychology (Italic) Typefaces Script typefaces are also referr to as cursive or script. They are typefaces that represent or imitate calligraphy by hand, so sometimes they can also be call calligraphic fonts.

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Generally, this type of fonts have a clear italic or italic tendency. The letters are link together and we find more pronounc curves than in serif or sans-serif typefaces. As they are link with calligraphy, they have a somewhat more human and close personality. Some cursive typefaces could be Beckham Script or Parisienne. Decorative typeface Basteleur Costa Rica B2B List Bold Decorative typeface Basteleur Bold Decorative typefaces (exhibition) They are also call as display typefaces. They are consider fun typefaces, more casual, but they can convey a wide variety of sensations. They have a very strong character and personality. From the point of view of typographic psychology, they are transgressive and contribute to attract more attention.

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However, the readability that can be obtain with this type of font is somewhat poorer. Within this set of decorative typefaces whose characteristics do not conform to the three previous sets would enter. They are usually creat for specific purposes B2B Lead where readability is not taken into account much. For example, in product branding in the food sector. Of course, they are definitely not ideal fonts for text paragraphs. They can convey a lack of care or disinterest in design. Therefore, think carefully when using this type of font. Swift and Gotham font families Swift and Gotham fonts, two font families with and without serif What is a font family.

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