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Also, if us strategically it can be a very imaginative way to add meaning to logos. Taking advantage of negative space is not impossible, but it does require some training of the eye and a lot of inspiration. We are going to ne to carry out a preliminary reflection and work on the capacity for synthesis to be able to group several meanings in a single image. Correctly using negative space in graphic design is not just about filling spaces with any element. Nor to leave them empty without transmitting anything in particular. To make good use of negative space, in our composition to give more meaning to our design.

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Thanks to this, we will be able to achieve more balance and harmony in our composition and we will help to attract more attention from the viewers. Negative space is not only link to graphic design. We can also find some photographers or artists who have been able to take advantage of this element very well in their works. For example, the first Uruguay B2B List name that comes to mind is mc escher. In this article i am going to delve into this type of space and the ability we have to perceive the forms within it. So that you can understand the concept of negative space well what space is when we talk about a graphic design composition.

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Gap is the distance or area between or around the elements of our design. When we make a graphic composition, we are going to ne to consider not only what visual elements we want to incorporate into the framework of our work, but also how B2B Lead we are going to order ourselves within the composition. Remember: if you are a graphic designer, it is very likely that you will be very tempt to fill the entire digital canvas with graphic assets and other visual elements, but it is very important that we let the elements of our compositions breathe.

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