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The colors of the chromatic circle can also be divid by their temperature, speaking of warm colors or cold colors. We will be able to make use of this division because the cold colors and the warm colors have a lot of contrast. The color temperature. Warm colors vs cold colors of course, make use of the contrast of colors of different temperatures in a subtle way. Remember that maintaining the same color temperature also contributes to a correct visual harmony. Or if you want to look for a specific color, to contrast with another, i would recommend that you evaluate first: the complementary formula, from color theory.

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Thanks to this formula we will be able to establish colors that are on opposite sides of the circle, guaranteeing sufficient contrast to achieve our objective, but always maintaining a chromatic harmony. Example of color temperature and visual Bulk SMS Italy hierarchy and yes, what we are really looking for with the color change is nothing more than contrast, and in our hierarchy with the help of other resources such as shape or texture. Typography and as far as typography is concern, hierarchy in graphic design we will take into account two different factors: the typographic hierarchy and the font.

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We are going to review them in a little more detail so that you can get to know them better. Typography in the visual hierarchy the typographic hierarchy in any composition where we use typography, we are going to use the typographic hierarchy, because it will allow us to establish a correct visual hierarchy, it will organize our composition and it B2B Lead will clarify the reading order. The typographic hierarchy is usually divid into three levels: the primary level; the secondary level, which includes subheadings and small blocks of text; and the tertiary level, which comprises the main text of the design.

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