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Of course, it is important that we always study the scalability of the logo. Remember that a good logo must be reproducible at any size and adaptable to various formats. And we can’t forget about readability. Therefore if we make use of negative space, nor the legibility of the logo are affect. Here is an article for you to know: the 7 characteristics to design a good logo today. We are going to see the 3 use to take advantage of negative space in logo design. 1. Within the logo the first is part of a word mark. Symbols or small shapes relevant to the brand are incorporat into the logotype.

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Negative space is us within different letter combinations or counterforms (areas of space within letters). An example that i have mention before use of negative space within a logo is the fex logo. Between the e and the x an arrow is form. Fex logo negative space 2. Within or around a typographic character we can also design a logo by combining a single Afghanistan B2B List letter with negative space. Normally the first of the clear brand name is us, to favor pregnancy and memory of the name. The letter is kept in the positive space and seeks to give more meaning to the logo from the negative space.

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Aaron draplin logos and carrefour logo the carrefour logo and another pair of logos design by aaron draplin 3. Within a symbol a symbol within another symbol. We do not ne typography to be able to use negative space correctly. Can combine two different shapes to create a single symbol. We just ne ingenuity. Rate how we can combine B2B Lead two ideas and keep them separate correctly. Viewers will be trapp in the logo trying to decipher the message behind it. They will value ingenuity and how we have seen their memory will be favor. Here are some other examples of logos that make use of negative space from their symbols. A digital image is a resource that, above all, must be versatile.

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