Consider additional logos, fonts, color palettes, free stock photos, textures, and more. Any visual element that inspires us and supports the mission and values ​​we defin in step one. Only then, after completing this research phase, can we start mapping potential signs. 3. Choosing the most appropriate format to create a logo once we are able to know everything about our client, in order to create a logo, we have to think about. To do this, we ask ourselves a very simple question. Should we create a logo or also use isotypes? Now, if you don’t know the different types of logos, i suggest you also read the following article to complete what i comment below logos.

The reason is simple

What are they, what types exist and which brand do i choose for my logo? Logo type logo type isotype imagotipo isologo the approach we take with each brand will depend on several factors and each particular situation, but it is generally Bulk SMS Vietnam recommend to try without the symbol unless it nes to be includ. Because? New isotypes are symbols that are unknown to people. It must be learn. This takes time, money and resources. Additionally, people are constantly expos to a saturation of icons and symbols. This creates some resistance to learning new things. But, on the other hand, when isomorphism is correctly assum and recogniz by society.

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Of using or not using symbols

It becomes a representative symbol of the brand, which can combine a lot of communication power. Let’s think about brands like nike, apple, merces. It’s impossible not to have their logo come to mind. This would be a compelling argument in B2B Lead favor of using isotypes. Therefore, it is necessary for us to study the feasibility for each situation and each customer. For example, if the company name is long, maybe using a symbol can help us unify the text of the name and add visual impact. The first example that comes to mind is national geographic indications.

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