We will make use of them to influence perception. We talk about size, color (or contrast), typography, space and composition. How size can help visual hierarchy i. Size increase the dimensions of an element or its scale, that is, its size in relation to other elements in the composition, it is one of the most effective ways to generate emphasis on a specific part of our design. Size in the visual hierarchy the largest elements immiately become the focus of attention of the viewers. In the same way, we can ruce the size of the elements of our composition that are not as important or where we do not want to generate as much impact at first glance.

Are there colors more attractive

These elements will therefore be position at a lower level of our visual hierarchy. Therefore, thanks to the size, we can create a logical reading order for the user from the largest elements to the smallest. Ii. Color (or contrast) a correct use of color Bulk SMS Spain will also steal our attention, but why than others? This is somewhat subjective and will always depend on other factors, such as context, composition, or even where the viewer is coming from. However, we can come to generalize that the most striking colors are those that are most vibrant, saturat and intense, which are usually (usually) the warmest colors.

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Do you remember the color wheel

Take a look at the graphic that i leave you here, to see which color attracts your attention the most. The most vibrant and vivid colors are always going to attract more attention. To achieve this we can make use of the 3 properties of color, do they B2B Lead come to mind? Yes, they are hue (or hue), saturation, and brightness (or lightness). You have more information about color, and how to select them, in my article on color palettes. Color in the visual hierarchy how can we take advantage of color with our visual hierarchy.

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