It is bas on intellectual processes: comparison, analogy, etc. This kind of empathy is very useful in business: for example, managers with strong cognitive empathy skills will be good at negotiation and management. At the same time, the cognitive empath may remain an aloof individual. That is, an intellectual understanding of what is happening to another person is not enough to help him. Additionally, some people may use cognitive empathy to harm others. This is why a person nes not only cognition, but other types of empathy as well.

Which are brain cells that fire

Emotional (Emotional) Empathy A person with this attribute becomes emotionally involv in another person’s problems. This contagion of other people’s emotions occurs primarily under the influence of mirror neurons, when we perform an action or notice how Dominican Republic Email List someone else performs that action.  the action as if trying it on itself. Emotional empathy connects us to another person’s inner world. This is useful in many industries from sales to micine. Not to mention that this skill is essential to having any meaningful relationship in life. But emotional empathy also has its downsides.

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This can lead to mental exhaustion

Therefore, if a person is immers in emotional empathy, it will be difficult for him to manage his negative emotions.. So, for example, many doctors face a B2b Lead problem of burnout: in order to avoid emotional pain, they distance themselves from the pain of others, and thus from the problems of their patients. Behavioral (compassionate) It manifests itself through specific actions in relation to another person. This kind of empathy shows that we not only understand another person’s feelings, but also have a desire to help others. Compassionate empathy is the ultimate ingrient ne.

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