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Here i am not going to talk about the characteristics that the logo or your solution to deliver should have. I will only list and develop a series of steps to follow that are key when creating logos. If you are looking to know what are the characteristics that a good logo should have, i have an article where i develop it in detail. I encourage you to take a look at it when you finish with this article: 7 characteristics to design a good logo today. Come on, let’s get into it. I recommend that you read it calmly and reflecting on each step. Before commenting on the steps to take to create logos, i think it is interesting to review what a logo is and what exactly it is for.

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A logo is a graphic or symbolic representation of a brand, not promote it. We ne to distinguish between promotion and identification. The goal of a logo is to help people remember you, for better or worse. Distinguish yourself from the Latvia B2B List competition. A well-design logo can be key to impacting potential customers. Before creating logos, keep the following in mind. A logo must be simple, representative and original. With these 3 characteristics, we will favor that the logo is also scalable, long-liv, memorable and relevant to the audience. Remember, logos have an exclusively identifying mission, never promotional.

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Let us therefore avoid introducing descriptions of services or products within the logo that do not contribute anything. Design the logo in a simple way and you will help to make it more memorable. Unyon logo design on ipad pro logo creat B2B Lead by 5 steps to follow to create logos correctly now that i have made it clear what exactly a logo is and what is its main function, we can begin to list the steps to follow to create logos for our clients. It should be comment that these 5 steps are not exclusively steps prior to the logo design process.

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