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If you ask someone to give you an example of a good logo. They will definitely answer you with a brand like Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola. They will never cite a company that has a good logo design. But they are not familiar with or have an affinity for. This happens because it is difficult to separate the concept of a company from our perception of a logo. To achieve this level of familiarity between the company and the logo, timing plays a decisive role. This is not a process that can be achiev overnight. When presenting your brand, in some cases we come across clients who ask your graphic proposal to convey an emotion or feeling to them.

Show him how logo design has evolve

But you have to make them understand that the new logo can never convey any emotion to our clients since it is a new graphic representation that has nothing to do with the company so far. How do we avoid running into problem customers when Bulk SMS Azerbaijan introducing brands? Fear not, there are ways to tell your problem customers which is the right path so they can understand that the propos solution is a better solution to their problem. A. Get as far ahead of the situation as possible. Reflect on the attitude with which you present your work.

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Show him how a logo evolves

Have confidence Don’t be afraid to express your opinion. You must always be there, holding the client’s hand. You have to tell him why everything present is simple, why you chose this path and the strategy you are going to follow. That way we B2B Lead avoid doubts about the point of the proposal. B. It shows the path travel by other well-known brands. How logos are getting simpler and simpler. This approach will allow the client to put subjectivity aside and try to observe the natural evolution of the logo more rationally. Over time from something more illustrative and detail to something more iconic and simple, more symbolic.

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