How to choose the right jighead for soft plastic? In this article I give some guidance in choosing the appropriate jighead size and weight. I will also explain the importance of those criteria in influencing the action of the soft plastic that will be used. Without wasting time, let’s get started. Introduction Fishing with soft plastics sounds easy.

However to make this lure an effective weapon it is not as easy as it seems

Apart from requiring a lot of patience, using Latest Mailing Database this lure also requires a little technical skill in preparing the right setup. And one of the most critical things in this game is the selection of an accurate and suitable jighead.

But how to choose the right jighead according to what we need? Let me explain: First Rule: Determine the Hook Size jighead size selection The size of the lure should match the size of the soft plastic lure: If the hook is too small, it will be difficult for the fish to hook on the hook.

If the hook is too big, the lure will not act naturally and will not attract. Therefore, when buying mamsol and soft plastic, first of all compare the size of the two things so that the choice is appropriate and accurate. Don’t hesitate to ask about the store.

Fish will definitely be easier to catch if the right size hook is used

Latest Mailing Database

Below is a Reference for Hook Size Suitable for B2B Lead Soft Plastic. According to the Size (Inches) Issued by Tt Lures: Jighead Size for. Soft Plastic Rule Two: Determine Jighead Weight Jighead Weight the Weight of the Jighead. Should Be According to the Location and Depth Conditions.

Water Depth, Current Speed, Structure. Fishing Method and the Type of Soft. Plastic Lure Itself Are Factors That Require Us to Think for. A Moment to Determine What is Appropriate.

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